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International Day of Service at Shri Krishna Anand Old Age Care

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SAI International School Observes International Day of Service at Shree Krishna Anand Old Age Care 

Today SAI International School students of class XI and XII visited the Old Age Care Unit in a small corner of Old Town. As soon as they stepped in, they were suddenly in a different world. Everything was mellow and sweet smelling, where they were greeted with large sunshine smiles of the residents who live there. Within these walls, there was love; there was comfort and a sense of belonging that bound these people together.

With an introduction of all present there, the students gave cards and flowers which was graciously accepted by the senior citizens. Through this, interactive sessions began where the older generations gave wise advice, shared personal experiences and gave unbounded love to our awed students. With fun filled singing sessions and dancing we left with heavy hearts, with the promise to return again.

This is SAI International Schools 5th year observing this auspicious day and students really enjoy planning and implementing activates in the community to benefit and serve the less fortunate.

As the first Kids for Peace Chapter in India, SAI International School Kids for Peace Chapter has been featured on the Kids for Peace FB page as #worldchangers only a few chapters are highlighted every month and it is an honour to be recognized among the 100 chapters spanning six continents.

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