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Colour My World- Community Service SAIMUN 2017

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During SAIMUN 2017 SAI students teamed up with the international delegates and painted Bhugan Ho School located in a small village on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar. The paint and painting supplies were donated by the school as part of the ongoing Community Service Initiatives of the school that inculcate moral values with a focus on teaming management and development of leadership qualities.

Representatives from 8 countries including Columbia, China, Russia, Sweden, Uganda, Nepal, and Algeria and of course India were present. The village school has been selected as an adopted school one of five in Bhubaneswar by SAI International.  Continued all school development will be looked at as SAI continues to seek educational improvements in infrastructure and resources offered to the students. This is our 2nd activity at Bhugan Ho School the first was during the Joy of Giving Week last October. More work will be done with this school in the near future as they will be part of the Mission: 100 Libraries project were SAI students will gift a small library to the school in September of this year.

They split into three groups assigning tasks accordingly. One group was in charge of removing the old paint and sanding down the walls so they can be painted. The second group painted the two small rooms of the school. The third group was responsible for the outside walls of the school and distributing the paint and supplies. It took four hours of hard work and cleanup but it was time well spent. The smiles on the faces of the Bhugan Ho students was worth all our efforts. The job ended with a chocolate distribution to each child there along with a small snack.

Together “WE CAN”


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