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International Day of Service @ Missionaries of Charity

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Team Leaders : Orissa Lee Patnaik, Kriti Garg, Trisha Bhadwaj, Ankan Mohapatra and Jhankruta Rout.

International Day of Service was celebrated by Senior Going Global Club and Kids For Peace Chapter of SAI International School at the Missionaries of Charity – Mother Teresa Center. A small group of students spent the morning passing out snacks and juice to the elderly, physically and mentally challenged residents.

Afterward they spent time speaking, laughing, singing and even dancing. It was truly a heartwarming way to spend the morning in the service of others. Dancing was by far the favourite activity. Both the students and the elderly danced with big smiles from ear to ear. Even “Rangabhati” was sang vigorously as most the residents knew the song by heart.

They also donated nonperishable items like biscuits and crackers along with much need toiletries.

Visiting this place is both happy and sad at the same time, torn between smiles and the feeling that these people are left with no one. Hats off the the MTC Sisters who sacrifice daily to provide their minute by minute needs.

International Day of Services is a SAIONEER favourite. The thrill of stepping out of your regular routine to help another human being is one we all love.


Let’s end with the words of Mother Teresa herself “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

Kids for Peace PNG final


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