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Int’l Collaborative CSR Projects

2015 – “Enriching Inclusive Education -providing tools for today’s technological world” with Winterbourne International Academy , Bristol – United Kingdom

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SAI International School Bhubaneswar, India and Winterbourne International Academy, Bristol, UK  collaborated to bring in a major change in the lives of 150 students and teachers of the Sri Harsha Mishra Memorial school for the deaf located in Patia. Both the International partner schools have been helping the school with children with hearing and speech impairment , for the last three years to help them get a better life and nurture their wishes and interests. This year both the schools decided to help their counterparts in enriching their infrastructural facilities and developing their technical skills and education for their future. The students and teachers raised funds to buy a whole set of computer system backed with over head projector, screen ,webcam and printer along with the required materials to educate them with the computer skills for their employability standards in future. CCTV cameras will be installed in the girls’ hostel. A whole range of Kitchen appliances to help them get better food is also arranged. The students also delivered lessons on Maths, History and Geography to the students of Sri Harsha and presented educational resources for the primary students as well. These unique gifts will help improve the infrastructure of the school bring it into the 21st century. New kitchen utensils will improve the health, hygiene and quality of the food prepared and served on a daily basis to the Deaf students.  CCTV cameras will provide much needed security for the female students of the deaf school.


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2014 – CRS Project “Joyful Spaces” with Winterbourne International Academy , Bristol – United Kingdom

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SAI International School students worked hand in hand with both UK partner school Winterbourne International Academy ( Bristol, UK) and Shriharsha Mishra Memorial School for the Deaf to create a play hub that focused on persons with hearing impairments. The play area was designed to fuel the mind of a child with little to no hearing through kinesthetic teaching methods. Each element incorporated into the room was educational using a playway method of learning. Since sound was not an option special focus is on the remaining senses of sight, touch and smell. The room was completely design as a collaborative group effort allowing for joint brainstorming and distribution of all tasks. After visiting the deaf school the students found there were many much needed renovations including holes in the walls of the classrooms and living areas and an unhygienic  outdoor play area. So they implemented these into their original plans and made three Joyful Spaces; Play area for deaf students aged 5-7, safe and clean outdoor sports area, and renovations on classroom and living areas.



2013 – CSR Project “Crib Bumper Projects” with Chosen Hill School, Gloucester UK and Mother Teresa Center Bhubaneswar

SAI International students noticed the cribs of the Mother Teresa Center Nursery are in require an upgrade in order to make them more comforting and safe for 22 orphan babies that live there. The Mother Teresa Center is doing a thankless job of seeing to the needs of the babies and for several years we have tried to improve their standard of living.

SAI International School participates in a collaborative community project during every UK student exchange visit. These initiatives inculcate values such as empathy, compassion, moral obligation and kindheartedness toward their fellow human beings. We share these experiences with our UK guest in a manner that is life changing. The students of CHS and SAI undertook a collaborative community project at the Mother Teresa Centre to work on the ‘Crib Bumper Project’ that included the stitching of the bed sheets donated by the students to provide extra padding to the cribs for the babies at the centre. Safety of the babies was of prime concern to the authorities at the Mother Teresa Centre and the students in all earnest decided to address the issue. During a five day exchange visit of our partner school CHS, SAI and Chosen Hill students made and deposited 36 Crib Bumper Sets in the Nursery of the Mother Teresa Center, Bhubaneswar , Odisha, making it a safe and warm place for 22 orphan babies to sleep.