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Int’l Day of Persons with Disability


International Day of Persons with Disability is a highlighted event at SAI International School. Projects have included donation drives for special needs schools, training sessions in art sports and computer, interactive sessions and workshops with persons with disability, hosting students with disabilities at our school, collaborative project that address inclusiveness and acceptance. Our goal at SAI is to bridge the gap between our students and students with special needs. Our school will always remain a safe haven for children no matter what their ability and we will continue to encourage our SAIONEERS to embrace every race and gender and never let their perception of ability get in the way.  We often perceive that a person with a disability is limited but more often than not they are more than capable, they are true champions.

2017- International Day of Persons with Disability @ SAI with Swabhiman

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Students of class VII celebrated International Day of Persons with Disability at SAI International School. A small delegation from Swabhiman visited the school and addressed the students in a four hour workshop designed to educated them about the term disability and inclusive education.

Dr. Tapas lead the group and gave an inspirational talk about persons with disability and how society views them. He touched on the concept of inclusive education allowing students with special needs into the main stream classrooms, allowing them to learn with “Normal” students. His talk was inspiring and really made the students think about their understanding of what it means to have a disability.

The students were then challenged to paint using only their mouths, a paint brush and paint imagining that they did not have hands. It was difficult and the students really came to understand the difficulties faced by persons with a disability.

The students participated in 3 more activities including a quiz competition, Dance lessons given by two amazing young girls with physical in ailments and they watched a documentary about Dr. Sruti Mohapatra outlining her struggle and fight when she became disabled. Dr. Sruti Mohapatra is a human rights activist specifically in the area of  right of persons with disabilities. She is a constant voice for the genre of people and pushed for government legation that supports persons with disability towards fair treatment and acceptance into society’s norms.

The students really enjoyed the dance lesson and found it challenging to only use one leg when dancing!!!


2015 – “Festive Fun” with Sri Harsha Memorial School for the Deaf and Louis Braille School for the Blind

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UWIND is the school’s annual children’s day festival held on December 6 this year . SAI students reached out to 2 schools with special needs. UNWIND sponsored and hosted 45 students with full access allowing them to partake in all UNWIND festivities. Students from Sri Harsh Memorial School for the Deaf and Louis Braille School for the Blind were paired up with SICC, SAI Interact Club and SAI Going Global Club students. Bus were sent with student volunteers to collect our guest from each school. Our guest along with their student volunteer enjoyed endless hour of fun, food and frolic the SAI volunteers took our guest to each stall inviting them to join in all the games, edibles and entertainment the festival had to offer. This programme was truly in the spirit of friendship and inclusion.



“Project Compassion” with Sri Harsha Memorial School for the Deaf 

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Project Compassion the Celebration of International Day of Persons with Disability at SAI International was a grand triumph. 40 students and 3 teachers from the Sri Harsha Memorial School for the Deaf (SHMSD) attended a special assembly and participated in workshops including pottery, computer, dodge ball and billiards. All the Deaf students were hosted by SAI students of VII D during their visit. They were paired up and attended all the activities together including the workshops. The entire ½ day programme ended with a grand lunch, were the deaf students were served Chinese food giving them a taste of oriental cuisine. The overall goal of this all-embracing program was to expose students from both the Deaf school and SAI International School to inclusive edification and socialization. It allows all participants a glimpse into the other’s world. The sharing of feelings ran rampant and even a few tears were shed as the students bid farewell to one another. “Until next time” was the final remark. SAI International School is a leader in Community Service Initiatives and will continue giving back to its community through creative and humble social works. Together ‘WE CAN’ make a difference.