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International Day of Service

Logo_Day-of-ServiceInternational Day of Service has been organized by the students of SAI International School from the time of the school inception in 2009. It is a way to strengthen our community by inspiring our SAIONEER to actively engage , volunteer and serve. It is organized annually on May 7. Student select a high impact programme the involves local special needs schools, elderly care homes, institutions for persons with disabilities and NGOs. The process starts with a brain storming session and selection of which entity the students wish to work with each year. After the selection process students meet with the leaders of the organizations and plan out the activity well in advance. All required resources are acquired and on May 7 annually SAI students visit the selected organization and work with the desired group of people. Team leaders are put in place and each participant has a role to play.

2019 – International Day of Service @ Missionaries of Charity

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International Day of Service was celebrated by Senior Going Global Club and Kids For Peace Chapter of SAI International School at the Missionaries of Charity – Mother Teresa Center. A small group of students spent the morning passing out snacks and juice to the elderly, physically and mentally challenged residents.

Afterward they spent time speaking, laughing, singing and even dancing. It was truly a heartwarming way to spend the morning in the service of others. Dancing was by far the favourite activity. Both the students and the elderly danced with big smiles from ear to ear. Even “Rangabhati” was sang vigorously as most the residents knew the song by heart. They also donated nonperishable items like biscuits and crackers along with much need toiletries. Visiting this place is both happy and sad at the same time, torn between smiles and the feeling that these people are left with no one. Hats off the the MTC Sisters who sacrifice daily to provide their minute by minute needs.

International Day of Services is a SAIONEER favourite. The thrill of stepping out of your regular routine to help another human being is one we all love.

Let’s end with the words of Mother Teresa herself “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”


2017 – SAI International School Observes International Day of Service at Shree Krishna Anand Old Age Care 

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SAI International School students of class XI and XII visited the Old Age Care Unit in a small corner of Old Town. As soon as they stepped in, they were suddenly in a different world. Everything was mellow and sweet smelling, where they were greeted with large sunshine smiles of the residents who live there. Within these walls, there was love; there was comfort and a sense of belonging that bound these people together.

With an introduction of all present there, the students gave cards and flowers which was graciously accepted by the senior citizens. Through this, interactive sessions began where the older generations gave wise advice, shared personal experiences and gave unbounded love to our awed students. With fun filled singing sessions and dancing we left with heavy hearts, with the promise to return again. This is SAI International Schools 5th year observing this auspicious day and students really enjoy planning and implementing activates in the community to benefit and serve the less fortunate. As the first Kids for Peace Chapter in India, SAI International School Kids for Peace Chapter has been featured on the Kids for Peace FB page as #worldchangers only a few chapters are highlighted every month and it is an honour to be recognized among the 100 chapters spanning six continents.

2016 – A Compassionate Sojourn

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At SAI International School, our students recognize that the privilege of a good education comes with a responsibility to help others and it is one of the prime reasons that observing International Day of Service is an integral part of the ethos of the school. This day focuses not only on students providing service to the community and to the marginalized, but also gives our students the chance to learn about human values of compassion, empathy, mutual respect and tolerance.

May 7 has been marked as an important day in the school calendar where our students will render their selfless service to inmates of Open Learning System, a school for special needs students. A group of 30 students along with the two Coordinators from the school left for a day with an experience of a lifetime. A lot of activities were planned for the students like play dough, photo booth, art and craft and music and dance. Juice, Biscuits, Chocolates, T-shirts, soft toys and a lot of learning materials were a part of the big donation drive organized by the Going Global and Interact Club of SAI. The students’ whole heartedly donated for this noble initiative and thanked the school for this opportunity of rendering selfless service to God’s special children. We bid the students our byes with the promise of returning again and spending quality time and forging strong bonds.


2015 – DAY OUT @ SAI

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May 7 was marked as an important day in the school calendar where our students (Going Global  and Interact Clubs) rendered their selfless service to 30 students from Asha Ashwasan, Slum School of Buxi Bazaar, Cuttack and gifted to them a day of fun learning at SAI International School campus which extended to them the experience of being a SAIONEER, making them feel inclusive and cherished. The day began with a special assembly held at the Indraprastha Auditorium of the school where the students from Asha Ashwasan were given a platform to showcase their beautiful talent through a dance performance.

The students were involved in the ongoing Summer Fiesta at SAI where they indulged in fun and creative activities with the children of their age group. Interesting activities that energized the minds and bodies like yoga where they learnt asanas, swimming where they splashed in the waters to beat the summer heat, and aerobics were included to give the students a time of undiluted fun. To introduce these students to the most native sport of the country, we held a session of horse riding which was extremely energetic and fun. It was good to have the students ride on the royal animal and feel elated.

Along with this, the slum students also tried their hands on unleashing their creative potential in art and craft activities. With their SAI friends, the students from Asha Ashwasan made cards by finger and thumb painting which were to be presented to each other. A workshop on values of life was also included in the day to give the students an insight into the life skills of the 21st century. Technical workshops on Robotics, Mathematics and Science were also planned for the students where they made projects along with the students of SAI. The students of SAI International also collected Rs 5000/- to gift their less privileged friends with learning resources and stationery. This act just vindicates the compassion and empathy of the students of SAI International and their willingness to spread smiles on the faces of their underprivileged friends. A special lunch and snacks were organized for the slum students where they were treated to scrumptious delights. An interactive session was held for the students to share their experience and stories with the students of SAI. The day concluded with a movie screening of ‘I am Kalam’ for the students. The purpose behind choosing this movie was the extremely motivating and inspiring story of a poor young boy who believed that through hard work destinies can be conquered.


 2014 – Playtime

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The students visit the Missionaries of Charity on the 7th May 2014 and render service to the inmates of the old age home and orphan kids. A number of activities have been planned by the members of Interact & Going Global Club and a drive to raise juice, biscuits and baby food has been initiated. The response for this has been overwhelming and we take pride in our students for their compassionate approach. The students are also planning to do a dress up activity with the tiny toddlers where they will dress up as characters like Spider man and Superman and indulge in fun activities and dance. Our students have also planned a art and craft session for the children there where they will make pieces of art with Play dough unleashing their imagination. This will be followed by a snack time. They have also planned to entertain the children by reading out stories to them while spending some unconditional quality time with them. SAI takes pride in observing a global day and making a difference in the lives of many…..

2012 – Story Hour

International Day of Service was celebrated by SAI International School with a grand visit to S.O.S Village. S.O.S Village was founded by and Austrian, Dr. Herman Gmiener and there are over 132 villages located in over 50 countries. Students of class XI held a storytelling session. The international story “The Rainbow Fish” was shown in English and then translated into Oriya by the students themselves. This children’s story covers the moral lessons of sharing and friendship. The storytelling session was followed by craft activity were the S.O.S children made a Rainbow fish with colored papers, Fevicol and crayons. A briefing session was held by Mr. Patro of S.O.S Village where he asked the students from SAI what they expected to get out of their visit in response they said “to make a change in the minds of the children we meet and entertain them.”