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100 libraries LogoWinner of the Design for Change I CAN School Challenge 2017 as “Top 20 Most Innovative Stories” and Top 100 I CAN Stories of Change 2017. Design for Change School Challenge is a national competition with over 1,700 submissions in 2017 from all over India.

Project Leaders: Balaji Patra, Isha Aisha, Orissa Lee Patnaik, Mehak Dhawan and Palak Seth

The Mission : 100 Libraries project was officially launched in December 2015 with a huge undertaking of providing 100 small well stalked libraries to local underprivileged schools in Bhubaneswar and the local area.

The Problem : 34,214 primary government and underprivileged schools in our state are without libraries, depriving students of a balanced literary instruction. This lack of a library restricts their knowledge intake and access to basic literacy resources, limiting teachers to the types of topics taught and the amount of information offered to their students. Limited access to books is the main factor that is crippling students reading abilities. You cannot read what you do not have. A rich library is essential to each students knowledge based growth.

The Solution: We believe that implementing libraries in schools has the biggest impact on the future success of a school’s students. Each identified primary school is given an almirah, 500 books and any necessary furniture. Half of the books are Oriya the local language and the other half is split between English and Hindi. Subject and types of books donated are age appropriate according to the need of each school. A bit of training is given to the teacher in charge of each new library  on how to keep and use the library for maximum effect in the school.

The Funding: We start every year by raising funds through two flagship events of the school. One is an all school fest called UNWIND in December, with a footfall of over 25,000 people and that number is growing every year. This Fest is an all day event with food, games and fun for the entire family.  The second is SAITED, as the name suggest it follows the internationally acclaimed TED Talks format. Internationally renown speakers from global behemoths such as NASA present on predetermined topics in the fields of Technology, Education and Design. Invitations go out to 100+ schools locally and in the surrounding areas. Over 1,500 students participate from all over the state of Odisha. SAI students approach local businesses and offer them sponsorship opportunities by providing advertising spaces at these event. The left over funds, after covering the events overhead go for the “Mission: 100 Libraries” project.

The Overall Community Impact: SAI International School has implemented 35 libraries in primary government and schools with students with disabilities in the last 5 years.  With an average of 500 students in each school (30 X 500 = 15,000) we have impacted around 15,000 students so far. Our goal is to create  4 libraries each year increasing the number impacted students by 2,000 annually.

When we are finished with this project we will have had a direct literacy impact on (100 x 500= 50,000) 50,000 underprivileged students in our local and surrounding areas not taking into account new students that join the schools each year.

The Promise: SAI students will not stop until they have donated 100 libraries. We love seeing the faces of school students who benefit from our project. We believe that we can make our education system better through access to small well stocked libraries that permanently impact each school that gets one.


  1. Sponsorship – if you have a business and are interested in advertising space or you are a food service provider and you would like to set up a booth at one of our flagship events (UNWIND or SAITED) please contact the school and see what types of sponsorship packages are available.
  2. Donation of BOOKS – Books can be donated at the CSR desk in the office of SAI International School in the name of “100 Libraries Project”.

Send an email to with any questions about this programme or questions about sponsorship or participation in the above mentioned events.

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“Literacy is a fundamental human right and the foundation for lifelong learning. It is an instrument of empowerment to improve one’s health, one’s income, and one’s relationship with the world.”