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Windows of Hope – inclusive IT training

Microsoft-Windows-Logo-1024x699SAIONEERS have set their sites on sustainable educational resources for students with special needs. In 2016 they participated with their global partner school Winterboure International Academy, Bristol UK to raise funds and donate an entire computer system to their friends at Sri Harsh Memorial School for the Deaf. The system included a CPU, Key Board, Mouse, Projector and Screen. The entire system was finally implemented into a remolded IT resource room in January of 2017. Students took this a step further by taking on the responsibility of teaching Computer Science classes to these special need students. Lessons plans have been creative and will include every thing from simple computer operations such at switching the computer o and off and using a keyboard and a mouse to proficient use of Microsoft Office; Excel, Word, Power Point and use of the internet. Internet use would include how to  use a search engine and sending and receiving an email.

Team Leaders : Orissa Lee Patnaik, Jai Patnaik and Shivangi Agarwal

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