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CSR@SAI International School

Sundry CSR Projects 2009 – 2017

CRS Project “Sakyam”

Winner :  IIMT Innovation Challenge 1st Place

Corporate Social Responsibility has been internationally existent since the late sixties embracing a collective integrated and conscientious responsibility for the Company’s actions through ethical and symbiotic practices along with encouraging a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and shareholders incorporated with significant philanthropic modes within the gamut of CSR.
“Sakhyam”: will promote economic self sufficiency of the underprivileged targeting initiation of education in beginners and dropouts by counseling. Inclusion of vocational training in various fields will provide earning in industrially friendly fields along with learning as a cohesive 3600 programme. The two pronged approach includes a door to door courier cum delivery service during the working hours with flexi- evening classes which will include literacy and vocational training.
In the first phase the courier service will employ the 40 which will generate the fund the project. “Earn while you Learn” will be the mantra besides fostering their self- confidence. While the Open Schooling will enable the pursuing of education while earning a living for the ones who desist learning can be engaged in jobs in areas of their interest and capabilities.
CSR Component: Pigeon Couriers and Delivery services will require the support of the Corporate Houses around Bhubaneswar, wherein they will undertake the distribution of their city based letters while the latter will help organizing the employment of the trainees. “Sakhyam” will ask for requirements of the corporate, depending upon which profiling training and absorption into the required area will be taken up. The funding for the project will be partly supported by the couriers and the rest through CSR.

CRS Project “Mobilicine

Winner :  IIMT Innovation Challenge – Runners UP

This project focused on providing medical care for the underprivileged through the use of mobile SMS system.



CSR Relief Campaign “Uttarakhand Relief Campaign”

Uttarakhand was recently devastated by floods and landslides. Thousands of people have lost their lives and others their homes and livelihood. SAI International School students organized a donation campaign to extend their support to the victims. The proceeds of this donation will be forwarded to the government’s “Uttarakhand Relief Fund”

CRS Relief Campaign “A Humble Offering”

Natural disasters are traumatic for the Society. “PHAILIN”, a very severe Cyclonic Storm hit Odisha in 2013 and caused huge devastation by resulting in huge loss of public and private property. The incessant rain and floods that followed, adversely affected many. Thousands of people had to evacuate their homes and move elsewhere.

As a small gesture of support, the faculty and staff of SAI International School contributed to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (Cyclone-2013) by contributing their respective one day salaries. Our valued parents and students also supported this cause by making humble contributions for this generous act. The entire amount collected was deposited with the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. The students along with the Chairman, Dr. Bijoy Sahoo personally went to the CM’s office with their humble offering. The students also expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the swift and unstinted efforts that were initiated by our Government to save the lives of millions of citizens of the state


CSR Project “Pay it Forward”

SAI led a campaign with over 100 student volunteers visiting the Mother Teresa Center, cleaning 45 cribs for the infants and passing out food donations to the elderly and sick.

CSR Project “Recycle Reuse”

Brought recycling awareness to our adopted Primary School in Patia via video and craft activities affected over 130 underprivileged children and was lead by 30 SAI International School Volunteers in honor of International Day of Service.


CSR Project “Operation Sanitation”

SAI International School has adopted a govt. school in Patia, Bhubaneswar and has made a lot of improvements to the school’s facilities. While adopting the school, it was noticed that the school did not have bathrooms for the students of the school. SAI students contributed generously to building two bathrooms for boys and girls at their adopted school.


Odisha Flood Relief Campaign: Students of the SAI International School have always expressed their solidarity for the needy. When rains wreaked havoc in 19 districts of Odisha, the students of SAI came forward to extend their support to the flood victims. The students and staff members donated non-perishable eatables, candles and match boxes in huge quantity which were sent to the Delang area that was completely devastated due to the floods. This small gesture was applauded and acknowledged by everyone. The staff members and a team of volunteers reached the remotest villages on boats and distributed the relief materials to the villagers.

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