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Community Outreach @ SAIMUN

37787969_860020450862249_7492615708237365248_oSAI International School believes in Inclusiveness and SAIMUN is a great platform to encourage social connect. Every year during the event, the school organizes some activities to foster social responsibility among the students. This year, 20 students of Shri Harsha Memorial School for Deaf and Dumb along with their teacher visited SAI on the inaugural day. They attended the inaugural ceremony and took part in an interactive workshop conducted by Shri Suman Rath, a visually impaired resource person who briefed them about various career opportunities for Special abled persons.


Shri Rath spoke elaborately on prospects after Class X, opportunities of higher studies in foreign land especially in USA and provision of free education or scholarship facilities for special children. He encouraged them to appear for SAT examination and inspired them never to give up hope and aspire for a better future. The session was also attended by some of the International delegates of SAIMUN who interacted with the students in sign language. Students of Shri Harsha Memorial School for Deaf and Dumb had a wonderful learning time and highly appreciated SAI for the orientation.

SAI T.V. video about the interaction with Shri Harsha Memorial School for the Deaf.



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International Day of Service @ Children’s Home-Subhadra Mahtab Seva Sadan


International Day of Service has been marked as an important day in the school calendar where our students rendered selfless service to the inmates of Subhadra Mahtab Seva Sadan, a home for the orphans. A group of 20 students from the Interact Club & Going Global Club  along with two teachers from the school participated in on of our many Kids for Peace activities and  left for a days experience of a lifetime.

The day started with meeting and greetings. The SAI Students were pleased to hear the children share their dreams and aspirations. There were song and dance performances by them which showed us their hidden talent.

The SAI students donated 65 gift hampers consisting of note books, tiffin box, water bottle and pencil box with stationery by means of fund raising in the school. They also gave cerelac, lactogen, roohafza, tang, biscuits, namkeen and fruits for their use.The students’ whole heartedly donated for this noble initiative and thanked the school for this opportunity of rendering selfless service to God’s children.

We bid the children our byes with the promise of returning again and spending quality time and forging strong bonds.



Kids for Peace PNG final

SAI International School Kids for Peace Chapter – Bhubaneswar , India

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“25 SMILES” with Bugin Ho Tribal School

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The Unwind CRS department hosted 25 students from Bugin Ho Tribal School. The school sent a bus to pick up the group at 8:30am arriving at UNWIND around 11:00am. Each student was matched with a SAIONEER and hosted for the day. The students went from booth to booth playing games and eating snacks. The group of students really enjoyed playing “Trick or Treat” a giant board game with giant dice. It was an amazing experience watching these students truly enjoy themselves. Seeing them smile was defiantly an event highlight.


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100 libraries Project during the Joy of Giving Week

img_0109.jpgOn the occasion of the ‘Joy of Giving Week’, the students of Interact and Going Global Club of SAI International School along with three teacher coordinators, installed a library at Bhugin Ho Siksha Kendra at Godibari in the outskirts of Bhubaneswar as part of the “Mission : 100 Libraries” project. A 500 book library along with an almirah was donated to the school. This is the 20th library of  this sort that SAI International School has implemented since 2015 when the 100 Libraries project started.

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Colour My World- Community Service SAIMUN 2017


During SAIMUN 2017 SAI students teamed up with the international delegates and painted Bhugan Ho School located in a small village on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar. The paint and painting supplies were donated by the school as part of the ongoing Community Service Initiatives of the school that inculcate moral values with a focus on teaming management and development of leadership qualities.

Representatives from 8 countries including Columbia, China, Russia, Sweden, Uganda, Nepal, and Algeria and of course India were present. The village school has been selected as an adopted school one of five in Bhubaneswar by SAI International.  Continued all school development will be looked at as SAI continues to seek educational improvements in infrastructure and resources offered to the students. This is our 2nd activity at Bhugan Ho School the first was during the Joy of Giving Week last October. More work will be done with this school in the near future as they will be part of the Mission: 100 Libraries project were SAI students will gift a small library to the school in September of this year.

They split into three groups assigning tasks accordingly. One group was in charge of removing the old paint and sanding down the walls so they can be painted. The second group painted the two small rooms of the school. The third group was responsible for the outside walls of the school and distributing the paint and supplies. It took four hours of hard work and cleanup but it was time well spent. The smiles on the faces of the Bhugan Ho students was worth all our efforts. The job ended with a chocolate distribution to each child there along with a small snack.

Together “WE CAN”


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International Day of Service at Shri Krishna Anand Old Age Care


SAI International School Observes International Day of Service at Shree Krishna Anand Old Age Care 

Today SAI International School students of class XI and XII visited the Old Age Care Unit in a small corner of Old Town. As soon as they stepped in, they were suddenly in a different world. Everything was mellow and sweet smelling, where they were greeted with large sunshine smiles of the residents who live there. Within these walls, there was love; there was comfort and a sense of belonging that bound these people together.

With an introduction of all present there, the students gave cards and flowers which was graciously accepted by the senior citizens. Through this, interactive sessions began where the older generations gave wise advice, shared personal experiences and gave unbounded love to our awed students. With fun filled singing sessions and dancing we left with heavy hearts, with the promise to return again.

This is SAI International Schools 5th year observing this auspicious day and students really enjoy planning and implementing activates in the community to benefit and serve the less fortunate.

As the first Kids for Peace Chapter in India, SAI International School Kids for Peace Chapter has been featured on the Kids for Peace FB page as #worldchangers only a few chapters are highlighted every month and it is an honour to be recognized among the 100 chapters spanning six continents.