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High on Hygiene-Donation Drive

Team Leaders : Hem Dosi, Sreya Das, Orissa Lee Patnaik and Deshna Khochar

Every year the Going Global and Interact Clubs of SAI International School observes Day of Service in various ways. In the past we have spent the day at a home for the elderly, did craft activities with special needs students of the Open Learning Center and even played with the orphans at the Mother Teresa Center. This Year we face a challenge because of the COVID -19 situation. Visiting places and conducting an act of service was not an option so they had to think virtual. With the rise of COVID  cases in the city and local area the students wanted to have a donation drive collecting unused masks, hand sanitizer and sanitary pads for the less fortunate and frontline workers.

For 3 weeks they pushed an online donation Drive called “High on Hygiene” which requested people to drop off as many masks, bottles of sanitizer and sanitary pads as possible in 2 drop boxes, one in Cuttack and one at SAI International School at Gate #4. In order to keep social distancing regulations the drop box was outside where the public could access it without entering the building. If people could not physically make a donation they donated funds which were used in purchasing a large amount of masks. In total over 1,000 unused cloth and medical masks were collected and 50 bottles of hand sanitiser along with 40 packets of sanitary pads. The drive ended on April 30 and then the school authorities distributed the donations to our local police department and to the vendors of several local vegetable markets. The remaining masks will be given to the BMC workers, and nearby slum area.


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Humble Offering by SAI International


SAI International distributed food packets in nearby slum areas on Tuesday, May 19, 2020, owing to anticipated cyclone Amphan, amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The representatives of SAI International also counselled the slum dwellers on the importance of adhering to the safety measures as mandated by the Government. They demonstrated the right way of using the mask, on hand washing and using sanitizers.

Basic dry food items like rice, flour, pulses, biscuits, sugar, salt along with soap was gifted to people living in the slums of Bhubaneswar like Nageswar Basti I & II-Sishu Vihar, Jagannath Ambatota Basti, Co-operative Colony, Bagicha Colony and Co-operative Housing Colony-Sailashree Vihar, Chandrasekharpur and Japani Sahoo Colony- Pragati Vihar.

Most of the people residing in slum areas are either daily wage labourers, street vendors or domestic help. The lockdown has drastically affected their income leading to dampened spirits and an unsure future. Adding to their woes, the news of the impending Cyclone Amhan, revived the bitter memories of Cyclone Fani which created havoc during May last year. The SAI International Representatives boosted the morale of the slum dwellers by inspiring them to think positively and be each other’s support during this crucial time.

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SAI International felicitates the Safai Sevaks


To acknowledge and appreciate the commendable work of the Safai Sevaks during COVID 19 pandemic, SAI International recognised these front line workers on Saturday, April 25, 2020. The Safai Sevaks have been working relentlessly and dedicatedly from doorstep collection of waste to sweeping each and every corner of the street, undeterred by the fear of infection.

SAI International family feels privileged to have gifted a towel each, along with dry food items like flattened rice, sugar, semolina, biscuits and Dettol soap to more than 70 Safai Sevaks of Ward No 6. We humbly salute the services rendered by our BMC Safai Sevaks.



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A Token of Appreciation for Odisha Police


The relentless effort of the Police at this crucial time, to ensure the safety of the people of Odisha is highly commendable. As a token of appreciation and gratitude to the Police, SAI International distributed 500 food packets to the Police personnel stationed in and around areas from Nandankanan to Jayadev Vihar, Acharya Vihar and Vani Vihar. It commenced with distribution at Kalinga Hospital Square on Monday, March 30, 2020.

SAI International has initiated various social connect activities in the wake of COVID 19. As part of that, the distribution of food packets to the Police personnel will continue for a week. Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder and Mentor SAI International expressed his solidarity with the brave Police and said ‘as we grapple with this pandemic and isolate ourselves in the cool comforts of our homes, it is these brave men and women, who are slogging day and night on the road, to minimize the catastrophic spread. A grand salute to our Police force.’



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SAIoneers celebrate Chief Minister’s birthday at Ashraya Orphanage


To honour the words of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha, Shri Naveen Patnaik to spend quality time with orphans and differently-abled children on his birthday, students of SAI International School visited Ashraya, an organisation for the care and protection of destitute and orphan children on Wednesday, October 16, 2019.

The students of SAI International School had a wonderful time interacting with the 45 inmates of the orphanage. SAI students served them lunch with great care and spent some valuable time chit chatting in diversified areas. They learnt about the way of life of the ashram children, their food habits and about their everyday routine. Students also discussed about the importance of education.

Jay Bihari Patnaik, a class VIII student of SAI said that, ‘When I read their everyday menu on the board, I felt so bad. We make great fuss if we don’t get food from KFC, Dominoz or Burger King and these small children have to be content with whatever is given. I have decided to spend my birthday here so that I can treat the children with goodies. Akshat Sankrit, also a student of the same class shared, ‘I must thank our Chief Minister for this wonderful yet selfless idea to celebrate his birthday by gifting smiles to the less privileged children. It is a great lesson for all of us to share our happiness with deprived people, so that our own happiness gets multiplied”.


The SAI students briefed the ashram children on the purpose of their visit and together celebrated the occasion with great joy.



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SAI International Students celebrates Daan Utsav


It was a joyful time for the 24 students of SAI International School and SAI International Residential School to spend some quality time with the 50 inmates of Swami Bichitrananda Kalyan Ashram, Cuttack on Friday, October 4, 2019. The happiness of the students compounded when they were informed that the Father of the Nation had also spent some time in the Orphanage during his tour to Odisha in June 1925.

The Ashram earns the recognition of being the 2nd Orphanage established in undivided India, the first one being in Lahore, Pakistan. It was established in the year 1925 by Swami Bichitrananda Das, an Advocate and associate of Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das. It is also considered as the oldest Orphanage of Independent India. Presently 50 boys in the age group of 5 to 17 years reside in the Orphanage.

Students from both the schools mingled with the inmates, they danced and sang together as well as shared some pleasant experiences, to commemorate the Daan Utsav or Joy of Giving Week. They gifted the children a pouch each called ‘Apna Thaili’, to store their souvenirs. The students were also presented with a towel and some stationery, along with a briefing on the importance of cleanliness.

As part of the ‘100 Library Project’ of SAI International School, the students gifted a library, consisting of an Almirah and some books to the ‘Anathashrama Government Primary School’. The SAI International students also spoke about the significance of book reading and inspired the Ashram children to inculcate the habit at an earliest.

SAI International Education Group celebrates the Joy of Giving Week every year to inculcate the value of compassion and empathy in the students and develop in them an inner urge to render their contribution towards making the society a better place.



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‘Adopt A School Programme’ of SAI International organise Health Camps @ Sri Harsha Memorial School for the Deaf


Project Leaders: Orissa Lee Patnaik, Trisha Bhadwaj, Lavanya, Deevyam Deepankar Dhal and Vedant.

At SAI International, we believe in providing complete hand-holding support to lesser privileged schools locally, in an attempt to elevate their quality of education as well as school-wide development. Since the year 2010, SAI has adopted schools for bringing about this holistic development. These Schools are adopted to address a gamut of issues over a period of time. Selection of school is based off of location and evident need of each institution.

The areas include : Infrastructure Development, Teachers Training, Skill enhancement of students, Youth Leadership Development, Health, Safety and Security.

SAIONEERS took this programme froward  with a focus on Health in 2019 and conducted a two day Health Camp  @ Sri Harsha Memorial School for the Deaf. The camps were completely designed by the students including creation of the teaching modules and selection of how the topic would be presented. The girls chose to present using Graphs and live demonstrations. This was tricky because it made them use more sign language when presenting.

As you can see our SAIONEERS caught on quickly. The girls from Sri Harsha Memorial even taught our girls about a home remedy they use instead of pharmaceutical medicines for menstrual cramping.  The session was extremely successful. It was such a delight to see the barrier of

SAIONEERS held a separate Camp for the Boys of Sri Harsha Memorial. Discussions on personal  hygiene and keeping your surroundings clean and safe. The boys presentation was more video and pictures that were shown through a projector on to a white board. After each concept time was taken to discuss making sure they Deaf students understood. One of the Teachers from the Deaf school remaining  in the room at all times helping transl;ate when necessary.

The sessions ended with a silent clap and a bunch of Smiles!!!!


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SAI International School contributes to CM Relief Fund for Fani affected


Students of SAI International School made a humble offering to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund on Thursday, May 16, 2019, to render contribution for the people affected by the severe cyclonic storm, Fani. The students of the School presented a cheque of Rs. Five lakhs to Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik at the Chief Minister’s Office led by Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Chairman, SAI International.

Earlier, SAI International organised a Community feeding at Chigrortola slum, Patia in Bhubaneswar where around 1000 inhabitants were served with healthy food, followed by clean drinking water on a daily basis, till normalcy was restored in the area.

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Community Meal for Cyclone Fani Victims


SAI International lends support to the Cyclone affected

Team Leader : Orissa Lee Patnaik, Kriti Garg, Jai Patnaik and Trisha Bhadwaj.

SAI International started a humble offering initiative for the cyclone affected people of Chigrortola slum near the OTV Office, Bhubaneswar on Friday, May 10, 2019. The severe cyclonic storm Fani which left a trail of devastation in most parts of Odisha has also badly paralysed the capital city of Bhubaneswar.

Around 650 people residing in the area were served with lunch, followed by clean drinking water through community kitchen. The lunch programme continued till normalcy was restored in the area. The enthusiastic students and staff of SAI International selflessly and whole heartedly served the people with great care and enthusiasm. The young SAIoneers were deeply touched by the plight of the slum dwellers. The inhabitants of the slum, especially the women and children expressed their happiness for the timely help.


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International Day of Service @ Missionaries of Charity


Team Leaders : Orissa Lee Patnaik, Kriti Garg, Trisha Bhadwaj, Ankan Mohapatra and Jhankruta Rout.

International Day of Service was celebrated by Senior Going Global Club and Kids For Peace Chapter of SAI International School at the Missionaries of Charity – Mother Teresa Center. A small group of students spent the morning passing out snacks and juice to the elderly, physically and mentally challenged residents.

Afterward they spent time speaking, laughing, singing and even dancing. It was truly a heartwarming way to spend the morning in the service of others. Dancing was by far the favourite activity. Both the students and the elderly danced with big smiles from ear to ear. Even “Rangabhati” was sang vigorously as most the residents knew the song by heart.

They also donated nonperishable items like biscuits and crackers along with much need toiletries.

Visiting this place is both happy and sad at the same time, torn between smiles and the feeling that these people are left with no one. Hats off the the MTC Sisters who sacrifice daily to provide their minute by minute needs.

International Day of Services is a SAIONEER favourite. The thrill of stepping out of your regular routine to help another human being is one we all love.


Let’s end with the words of Mother Teresa herself “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

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