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‘Adopt A School Programme’ of SAI International organise Health Camps @ Sri Harsha Memorial School for the Deaf

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Project Leaders: Orissa Lee Patnaik, Trisha Bhadwaj, Lavanya, Deevyam Deepankar Dhal and Vedant.

At SAI International, we believe in providing complete hand-holding support to lesser privileged schools locally, in an attempt to elevate their quality of education as well as school-wide development. Since the year 2010, SAI has adopted schools for bringing about this holistic development. These Schools are adopted to address a gamut of issues over a period of time. Selection of school is based off of location and evident need of each institution.

The areas include : Infrastructure Development, Teachers Training, Skill enhancement of students, Youth Leadership Development, Health, Safety and Security.

SAIONEERS took this programme froward  with a focus on Health in 2019 and conducted a two day Health Camp  @ Sri Harsha Memorial School for the Deaf. The camps were completely designed by the students including creation of the teaching modules and selection of how the topic would be presented. The girls chose to present using Graphs and live demonstrations. This was tricky because it made them use more sign language when presenting.

As you can see our SAIONEERS caught on quickly. The girls from Sri Harsha Memorial even taught our girls about a home remedy they use instead of pharmaceutical medicines for menstrual cramping.  The session was extremely successful. It was such a delight to see the barrier of

SAIONEERS held a separate Camp for the Boys of Sri Harsha Memorial. Discussions on personal  hygiene and keeping your surroundings clean and safe. The boys presentation was more video and pictures that were shown through a projector on to a white board. After each concept time was taken to discuss making sure they Deaf students understood. One of the Teachers from the Deaf school remaining  in the room at all times helping transl;ate when necessary.

The sessions ended with a silent clap and a bunch of Smiles!!!!


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